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McQuilkin Laboratory Supplies Services

The purchase of capital equipment is a decision for the long term. It must operate efficiently with as little unproductive time as possible. Therefore the maintenance and calibration of the equipment by qualified personnel can be as important as the initial purchase.

The quality of LTE's Support Services is recognised by its UKAS accreditation for on-site calibration. The services are provided through our team of trained service engineers and distributors in the field, backed up by specialists at our headquarters Service Centre, where we also keep a large stock of spare parts. These facilities enable us to respond quickly and effectively to customer requests.

The extensive customer care portfolio includes:

Regular maintenance service

We offer contracts for regular servicing of your equipment. Calibration, load tests and validations can be added to the contract if required
Contract customers received discounts for spare parts and emergency call-outs.


The service, carried out under UKAS-accredited procedures, covers calibration for time, temperature and pressure using high-specification recording equipment.

Installation and commissioning

Our trained engineers will install and connect your equipment. The service includes functional testing on site.

Thermometric load tests and validations

Load and validation tests of sterilizing equipment verify the effectiveness of the operating cycle in achieving the required result. LTE's test uses 12 thermocouples place around the load and the chamber, linked to a data recorder. A full thermometric profile validates the cycle for the chosen parameters.

Other Support Services offered by the Service Centre are:

  • Spare part supply
  • Emergency service
  • In-house repair service
  • Operator training
  • Modifications and upgrades
  • Application support and helpline

Pipette Calibration - What You Need To Know

Pipette Servicing
McQuilkin & Co’s service offers a comprehensive range of repair and calibration facilities in our purpose built environmentally controlled laboratory.
We have extended our expertise to the service and calibration of pipettes from all leading manufacturers and our service provides a convenient and cost effective service from a single source.
We offer calibration contracts which ensure that you have a fixed slot in our calibration programme for a prompt turnaround at agreed times and prices.

Quick Calibration
Designed for those who may not require extensive measurements and calibration, this includes a simple performance check and a certificate.

Full Calibration
This service includes cleaning, servicing, a full range performance check, and a Certificate of Calibration. The costs of any spare parts are charged separately.

UKAS Calibration
Working with European Instruments who are accredited by UKAS to issue calibration certificates on pipettes, this service is available at Oxford Laboratory, alternatively at an on-site clinic. Our schedule is available on request; send your pipette inventory and requirements for a quotation.

Other Calibration Services
For pipettes that are no longer performing within the manufacturer’s tolerances or are damaged. The service includes dismantling, cleaning, servicing, and a full range performance check, with a Certificate of Calibration. All spare parts are detailed and charged separately.

Regular service and calibration will maintain the precision and accuracy of your pipettes. Calibration is carried out according to the DIN 12650 guidelines or UKAS which as a rule are accepted by the FDA, GLP, ISO, EN, DIN and BSI.

All procedures are subject to our BS EN ISO 9002: 1994 which ensures strict standards of quality at all times.

Standard Procedures
McQuilkin & Co will arrange for a Safety Clearance Certificate to be sent to your premises. From there we will uplift your goods (with certification) and bring them back to our site. A full report including pricing for calibration/repair can then be provided.
Should you have any questions regarding our services please do not hesitate to contact us.


In conjunction with Laboratory Specialist Services (UK) Ltd, McQuilkin and Company offers the full Maintenance Report and Certification of Laboratory Fume Cupboards and Extraction Systems in accordance to the BS7258 Part 4 1994 and C.O.S.H.H. Regulation 9, which states that all fume cupboards and exhaust installations must be serviced at least every fourteen months.


Email: steven.wilson@labspecialistservices.co.uk


Opening New Doors for Our Customers

McQuilkin & Co would like to introduce a Turnkey Solution to all our existing customers based in Scotland. We can now offer a complete waste management package to help you safely dispose of your laboratory chemical waste.


Who uses McQuilkin & Co and Why?

Whether you are a Pharmaceutical, Food, R&D, Educational, Healthcare or Quality Control Laboratory, your organisation now have a legal duty, enforced by the Government and the European Community, to dispose of your hazardous waste, in accordance with current legislation.

McQuilkin & Co is accredited to both ISO9001-200 and ISO 14001 Quality and Environmental Systems.

As registered carriers of controlled waste, McQuilkin & Co can help. We can arrange regular or contract authorised removal of your laboratory waste by our own transport, keeping chemical waste storage to a minimum.

Your organisation now have a legal responsibility under the Environmental Protection and Duty of Care to dispose in the correct manner. As registered carriers of controlled waste, McQuilkin & Co can help you.


Download our Waste Disposal pdf


Our commitment to maintain and update Quality Standards is shown by the recent upgrade of the new ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

It is our goal is to maintain the highest standards and value for every customer.


Certificates of analysis are available for all chemicals supplied by downloading off our website.

If you require Certificates of Conformity, Irradiation and Compliance then please telephone the office and speak to one of our sales Agents who will be happy to be of service.

Material Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded for each chemical by clicking on the link above

All chemicals delivered are packed in UN Approved packaging.